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Face Wipes....Do they help with my skin?

Answer: Dr.D.Thomas (Advanced Skin and Laser Expert) says,

"Most face wipes are oil based, which means they make great make up removers as they break down oily make up formations, however the oils compromise the BARRIER FUNCTION to skin which creates sensitivity, leading to ageing inflammation. Oils also confuse the skin by making it believe it's hydrated, when in reality the oils from face wipes only sit on top layers of skin, NEVER giving nourishment or hydration to deep layers of skin."

I recommend using NEOSTRATA's 'Clarifying Facial Cleanser' in a daily facial regime. Key ingredients Pro-Vitamin B5 -

Provides moisture,

Dissolves impurities and reduces bacteria on all layers of skin that can aggravate acne, roacea and ageing process.

Current retail price: £25 (200mls)

Contact: Elysian Skin for order


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